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Trainer. Athlete. Bike lover.

What makes you stick to something for longer?

For me, it's as simple as pure enjoyment.

Sometimes your biggest achievements come when you don't even realize because you're having so much fun.

As a female BMX athlete, I am very passionate about giving back to the community and to empower more female presence not only in BMX but in other sports and coaching!

I have over 3 years of coaching experience, specializing in women-only sessions, disability groups, learn-how-to-ride, mainstream schools, multi-skill sessions, BMX as a form of exercise, and many more.

I have a very open-minded and adaptable approach where I focus on giving 110% of me through what I do so that everyone has a quality, memorable, and enjoyable experience which ultimately can lead to long-term involvement in sport. 



Don't let me do all the talking

My first experience was absolutely brilliant! Lots of encouragement and patience from Silvi. She didn't make me feel less than the others in the group and pushed me positively to do more. I now have a sense of belief in myself that was hidden before.

BMXercise - Razan

I really liked Silvi’s coaching. I explained how I didn’t enjoy the basic routine I was doing at the gym. She had the right approach to keep me engaged and an excellent workout plan! The last activity was great, I worked on my agility and stamina whilst having fun at the same time. I enjoyed every minute of it and left feeling like I could do this again.

Personal Training - Layla

Thanks Silvi for your time and expertise yesterday. It was very good. My daughter wandered in at bedtime and was very interested to know you are an expert BMX cyclist and expert at bike mechanics, we only know boys who BMX.

Online Mechanics - Maria



Approachable coaching


All About You

I work with the belief that all humans work differently to manage the same tasks. I think that it is simply human nature to be uniquely different and that there always will be a variety of ways to get to the same desired outcome.

Together, we will focus on a path that is specific to your needs, whatever level you might be.

As a fitness newbie, a racer or someone that just loves to ride bikes and be fit, there's always something that we can work on and improve.

There will be great emphasis on getting the basics right and together, we will work on making sure your body and mind find the right balance to break the barriers stopping you from your true potential.

What are you waiting for? 



The More, The Merrier

You can normally find me at:

Brixton BMX Track on the weekends mainly for Novice and Female-only sessions on Sunday. Club fees: £7 for non-members & Women and Girls. £5 for members on regular club sessions.

BMX fitness session called MBYC for all fitness/cycling abilities, all ages, all genders +:

Tuesday, 10.00 - 11.00, £7 per session @Lewisham BMX Track, Beckenham Place Park.

Friday, 18.30 - 20.00, £10 per session @Merton Saints BMX Club.
All equipment can be provided.

For private coaching:

Prices may vary depending on number of riders and venue.

We’ll still take a personal approach but in a social and friendly environment where you can interact each other and I can help each individual reach the group goal.

Main equipment may be available but limited.


Accessible for all!

Being active doesn't have to feel like a boring, dreadful chore!

I am here to help you discover ways to get in touch with your body and move according to the goals that you want to achieve.

Weight loss? Fitness? Healthier lifestyle? Muscle Gain? Flexibility?

For me, the fundamentals and basics of everything we do is so important - I am interested on how it feels and moving better rather than whether you can feel the burn every session.

I can offer you a journey where you can really get in touch with yourself and achieve an active lifestyle in a fun environment.

Accessible for all - Just drop me an email for more details!

(Ask me for price plans according to your needs).



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