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Don't let me do all the talking

My first experience was absolutely brilliant! Lots of encouragement and patience from Silvi. She didn't make me feel less than the others in the group and pushed me positively to do more. I now have a sense of belief in myself that was hidden before.

BMXerice - Razan

I really liked Silvi’s coaching. I explained how I didn’t enjoy the basic routine I was doing at the gym. She had the right approach to keep me engaged and an excellent workout plan! The last activity was great, I worked on my agility and stamina whilst having fun at the same time. I enjoyed every minute of it and left feeling like I could do this again.

Personal Training - Layla

Thanks Silvi for your time and expertise yesterday. It was very good. My daughter wandered in at bedtime and was very interested to know you are an expert BMX cyclist and expert at bike mechanics, we only know boys who BMX.

Online Mechanics - Maria

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